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Founding Engineer

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • San Francisco

Mechanical engineering is the backbone of modern civilization. Ordinary mechanical engineers invented steam engines, designed the first cars, and sent humans to space. Now, they waste their time maintaining server racks, arguing about GD&T, and zipping and emailing around de-synced knowledge and files. Bad software is crippling hardware development speed and innovation.

30+ years ago, software engineering was plagued by the same issues that mechanical engineers face today. Modern version control systems introduced concurrent development and enabled software engineers to do what they do best: code.

While software engineers built tooling to efficiently manage collaboration at a massive scale and innovate at rapid velocity, mechanical engineers work like librarians: check-in, check-out. ShapeCI brings the best parts of software engineering to mechanical engineers so they can shred their library cards and be engineers again.

Read more about ShapeCI here.

The Role

ShapeCI is looking to bring on a Founding Lead Engineer to own engineering for the company and work directly with the CEO, Ashank, to redefine how mechanical engineers build hardware.


  • Own the codebase (Typescript, React, Node.js) and technical infrastructure (MongoDB, AWS, Vercel)

  • Identify and implement cutting-edge solutions using new technologies you may be unfamiliar with

  • Help define company culture and build a world-class team

  • Understand user’s problems and leverage your empathy to build great product, autonomously


  • 2+ years of full-stack engineering experience in a professional environment

  • Ability to pick up new technologies from documentation quickly and apply them to new solutions

  • Exposure to mechanical design or manufacturing workflows


The range for compensation is $90,000 - $120,000 and 0.75% - 1.25% equity in ShapeCI. Note that these ranges are a good faith estimate of likely pay for the role.


ShapeCI does not care about candidates being strong in specific technologies. We want to work with smart people who care about building great product. Other traits we really value in people are:

  • Honest: You're open and honest with your peers

  • Scrappy: You easily pick up technologies from documentation and apply them to new solutions

  • Empathetic: You care about deeply understanding what users are going through, helping you build great product

  • Constant learners: Your curiosity and dedication to learning drive your ability to adapt to a constantly evolving tech landscape